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Why Absolar?

The main aim of Absolar is to help businesses in reducing energy bills and carbon emissions. To achieve that Absolar has developed an innovative technology which conducts remote solar surveys accurately and on a big scale. 

Imagine an Aeroplane scanning an entire city or country using a high-resolution camera and then creating a 3D model based on the scanning images. This is how we conduct remote solar surveys creating 3D models of any given property and then study the sun's radiation based on the property orientation, shadow from the nearby objects, location of the sun after every 30 minutes and many more factors.

Absolar believes in eliminating the guesswork and providing a step-by-step solar journey.

Step-by-step solar journey

1. Remote Solar Survey

Not all properties are suitable for suitable solar and the first step is to find out if your property is suitable or not. We use innovative methods for conducting remote solar surveys which do not require being physically present on the property. 

Our solar models can quickly make a decision based on the data which are accurate and instant. At Absolar, we believe in providing transparency to our customers and If our solar survey results do not fulfil the minimum criteria, we recommend our customers not have solar and explore other sources of renewable energy options. 

2. Solar Audit

Finding out if a commercial property is suitable for solar or not is the first step. The next step is to find out if the property should have solar and can have solar. 

After finding the solar suitability, our engineers compare the half-hourly energy consumption data with the solar production data which enables us to answer how much energy will be used on-site and how much energy will be sent back to the grid. Based on the analysis, we can calculate the payback period, annual bill savings and annual carbon savings which allow our customers to make data-based informed decisions.

With high solar suitability and a few-year payback period, there is a small possibility that your business can not have solar. With our solar audit service, we provide a structural survey which assures that the roof is strong enough to handle the weight of solar panels and a G99 application which assures that the solar system can be connected to the National Grid. 

3. Installation

Absolar is an impact-driven company and believes in bringing real change, we want to ensure that the solar potential is realised.


After receiving the structural survey report and G99 application results, our contracted installers start the installation work. Our in-house and experienced project manager manages the entire project from the planning phase to the witness test and project handover. 


We make sure that the installation work does not affect the day-to-day routine work of a commercial building assuring a good customer experience.

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