Absolar is attending this year’s Energy and Cities Conference

Cities are at the centre of the climate and sustainability challenge of the twenty-first century. Energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of cities are over 75% of global totals putting cities in a critical position to propel and lead society towards the low carbon pathways required in the 2020s and 2030s..

Recognising these challenges, Absolar support the organisation of the International Conference Series on Energy and Cities. The event provides a great platform where international researchers, industries, and politicians can present and debate over cuting-edge technologies and critical issues. 






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Themes and Topics

Full list of themes please visit: energyandcities.org

Energy technologies

  • Microgeneration
  • Energy storage
  • Energy efficiency and buildings
  • Heating and cooling systems in cities
  • Combined heat and power, and district heating

Smart cities and data

  • State of the art in smart cities
  • Understanding the impact of AI in energy and urban systems
  • Advances in data analytics
  • Internet of things – barriers and opportunities
  • Social implications

Evolving cities and infrastructure

  • Urban systems – design, planning and management
  • Sustainable and resilient infratsructure
  • Connected infrastructure
  • Ecology, ecosystem & biodiversity
  • Life cycle assessment

Energy, behaviour and wellbeing

  • Smart, green and responsive buildings
  • Energy management systems
  • Thermal comfort
  • E-mobility
  • Green spaces
  • Energy awareness, acceptance and takeup