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Phi House, Science Park, Chilworth, Southampton SO16 7NS

Office Space and Research Laboratories

Southampton | Hampshire | South East England


  • 131 kWp solar system

  • 292 Solar panels

  • Installed in September 2022

  • Energy saving: 115,300 kWh/year

  • CO2 saving: 29 Tonnes / year

  • Custom branded energy dashboard 


Located in the University of Southampton Science Park, Phi house offers office and research laboratories to DEKRA. The building has a standing seam kalzip roof and has a very high energy consumption of c.1,000,000 kWh with peak energy demand occurring on weekdays between 9am and 5pm.


DEKRA approached Absolar to explore cost-saving and energy-saving solutions due to their high energy demand. After analysing half-hourly energy consumption data, PV emerged as a sensible and effective solution. After detailed modelling of solar radiation throughout the year under typical weather conditions, Absolar recommended covering the entire suitable roof space with PV, including shallow pitch north facing rooftops, considering the high energy demand onsite.

In the project, 292 high-performing 450W Tier-1 Longi solar panels were installed with a Solis 110kW inverter. The PV system designed includes optimisation for the building’s multiple orientations, enabling energy optimal generation throughout the day.


  • Energy saving: Given the property's exceptionally high energy consumption, 99% of the solar energy generated is consumed onsite during weekdays, fulfilling 12% of the annual energy demand through solar power. 

  • Payback: The payback period of the PV system is less than 3 years making it a highly suitable property for installing a PV system.

  • Energy management: Absolar facilitated the implementation of export management, enabling our client to sell any unused energy generated by the PV system. Additionally, Absolar designed a customised live webpage that allowed our client to host the real time energy monitoring on their website

Absolar are amazing partners - no nonsense, minimal bureaucracy, great analytics and fully deliver on their promise.’

Dr Stephen Rowe

Managing Director

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