Solar feasibility assessment

Use AI to assess the feasibility of your building for solar energy systems

Your building could be ideal for installing solar panels

Research shows 40% of buildings in the UK could have significant financial benefit from installing solar panels.

Absolar uses AI technology to accurately evaluate buildings’ potential in installing solar panels. We help you find out:

  • Size of solar panels you can install and the configuration
  • Energy saving per year
  • Payback period at different investment levels
  • Reduction of carbon emissions

Absolar also provides you with a free quotation, together with multiple finance options. This means you could get your solar panels — fully installed — for free.

Use the form to arrange a free consultancy with Absolar, or schedule a call back so we can help you understand your building’s solar power potential.

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Reduced energy bill

Solar panels provide you with clean and free electricity, which can be used to power your equipment, appliance, and even electric vehicles. A carefully designed system can save you a significant amount from energy bill. 

Asset value

Installing solar panels increases the value of your property by around 4%. It simply uses spare roof spaces. With Absolar’s management service, it becomes 100% hassle free. 

Electric car

National Grid predicts that by 2040, 90% of all cars could be fully electric-powered. Having solar panels means you have the infrastructure to charge your cars with free and clean electricity.  

Carbon footprint

Climate change arises from our consumption of energy – whether that’s driving cars, manufacturing goods or simply boiling a kettle. Emissions can be lowered by becoming energy efficient and by switching to renewable energy.