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Before you go solar, see if it's right for your business

Our remote assessment equips businesses with an inside look at the financial metrics and solar feasibility to help you make an informed decision. 

Takes less than 1 min. to complete

Remote solar surveys

Assess buildings remotely by cutting-edge AI technologies. Deliver results without accessing your building.

Accurate & reliable 

Each report is reviewed by a solar expert before sending to you, ensuring accuracy and engineering feasibility.

Smooth & straightforward

No commitment needed. Help you avoid buildings that are not suitable for solar investments.

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"Absolar gave us a rundown of what they thought as a best way to go. They are tremendous, they are energetic, they are passionate about what they do, working with them was a great opportunity for both of us."

Stuart Perry, Operations Director

University of Southampton Science Park

Modern Building Exterior

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Remote Solar Survey


How are you able to assess buildings remotely without accessing the building? We use cutting-edge technologies including LiDAR and machine learning to detect building roof structures, thereby evaluating their feasibility to install solar panels and the amount of solar panels.

What information do you need for an assessment?

What type of buildings are suitable for solar PV?

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