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Solar PV – shining a light on this power potential

Start your solar journey with informed decisions

The average payback period for commercial properties in the UK to have solar is less than 5 years. Absolar uses remote survey technology to find out the solar potential for your building. 

The technology uses remote sensing and AI to assess buildings remotely, providing you with an one-page survey report. No commitment needed, and the form takes less than 1 minute to complete.


Helping make sound solar decisions

Assess buildings remotely by cutting-edge AI technologies. Deliver results without accessing your building.


Supporting every step of the installation

We’re a team of solar scientists, property experts, and installers, offering a supported route to renewable energy for property portfolios of any size, complete installation project management, and post-installation support.

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Using AI technologies to remove barriers

Using AI-based remote sensing and GIS technology, we’re able to carry out remote solar surveys for any building, portfolio, and city.

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"There is a significant opportunity to drive more solar energy in the UK, by over-cladding existing commercial property with PV (photovoltaic) cells.”

David Thomas

Head of Energy & Sustainability, Vail Williams

Modern Building Exterior

Start your solar journey with a remote survey

A survey report is normally delivered within 48 hours
No commitment needed. Takes less than 1 minute to complete.

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