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Solar Survey

Kennith Dibben House

235kW system on a multi-tenanted building

The landlord was exploring a more environmentally-friendly way of working that positively impacts the environment and the businesses residing within the building

Installation of a 235kWp rooftop solar system on a commercial building that has offices, meeting space, and laboratories to create minimum disruption to tenants and day-to-day day operations.


Absolar project managed the entire installation from the planning phase to the witness phase and handover. Our in-house project manager laid out a detailed project plan breaking the complex projects into simpler work packages and planning mitigation strategies for any possible risk in advance. The installation was done with minimum disruption and with just a 30 minutes shut down on a weekend. Even with the supply chain constraints, our procurement team effectively managed to procure all the raw materials before starting the project.

What can Absolar do for you?

Absolar carries out remote solar surveys for commercial property, landlords, investors, and the public sector. These allow an instant understanding of the solar potential of any property or portfolio by using our state-of-the-art AI-based technologies. Following on from our remote survey, Absolar conducts detailed solar audits on chosen properties to deliver full business cases and optimum designs that can be carried forward to installation. For those ready to install, Absolar provides the full installation and ongoing care packages to ensure that solar potential is realised. To find out if our technology, skills, and experience can help you, please get in touch.








50 Tonnes p.a.


4 Weeks


APRIL 2022

Find out how Absolar can help

Simply get it contact with us to find out more and see if we can help deliver your solar potential

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