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Our Technology

Our AI models have been trained to recognise roof structures, roof objects, and skylights. We combine these outputs with 3D LiDAR data to identify optimal rooftop areas, including shading analysis. This allows us to fit the exact number of solar panels remotely clear of any objects and skylights on the roof.

Solar Survey

LiDAR powered building information 

Remote  •  Accurate  •  Automatic 

Using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) and remote sensing technology, our computer model is able to collect rich building information, developing high resolution 3D model of an entire urban area. 

Remote Sensing

Computer vision with artificial intelligence

AI •  Advanced •  Self-correcting

Absolar analysis is carried out over entire neighborhoods, meaning solar surveys can be provided for one property or one city. This gives unparalleled insights into the solar potential of portfolios or districts. We can present the required information in a worksheet or by designing an application depending on the requirements of our customers.

Shanghai City Scenery big data.jpg

Big Data analytics and strong data links

UPRN •  Traceable •  Mutiple sources

By analysing every record within a city or Local Authority, the scale of data obtained allows significant insight to be drawn. Added to that, by linking all data back to commonly used identifiers allows integration with external and custom data sources to deliver an even deeper understanding towards increased energy efficiency.

Technology in action

Interested in the Technology?

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