How we unfold every project

Care for each roof like our own

Remote survey
Using AI and remote sensing technologies, a remote solar survey will be conducted on your building, and a report will be sent to you within 2 working days (normally within the day).
Answer your questions
We aim to bring total clarity to you so you know your properties are in good hands.
Schedule a site survey
When you believe that solar is suitable for your business, you could schedule a time for Absolar engineer to visit and conduct site survey, so we could bring you an official proposal.

Site surveys are to check the roof condition and accessibility of your electric panels. It usually finishes within 2 hours and won't cause any disturbance to your business operation.

“I pay great attention to the details during my site survey from the location of electric board to the optimal cable routes, so when it comes to the stage of installation, the process could be most efficient and running smoothly.

Jen Biju Varghese, Solar Project Associate

Project proposal & preparation
After the official proposal is approved by you, Absolar's solar engineers will start project preparation including grid application, procurement, time planning and regular reporting. All can be tracked on Absolar's digital platform.

"Commercial solar projects have many moving parts and usually involve multiple parties before the installation could actually start. Absolar's mission is to be a single point of contact for our clients so they don't have to navigate through the bits and bobs themselves."

Nic Cory, Director of Absolar

Installation begins
Absolar's engineering team will manage every aspect in a project from scaffolding to electric comments.

The installation process normally lasts 2 to 4 weeks, depends on the size of the building. Our team works hard to ensure that our panel installation process has minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations.

Health and safety has always been paramount throughout our process. This is not only important for our team, but it also allows our clients confidence in that if they wish to visit the roof and see how installation is going themselves, they have that option.

Marketing support
We record the progress of each project with our eyes and lenses, and would love to share the gallery with you to help you showcase your actions in sustainability.
Connection & completion
After the last panel is plugged in, Absolar's solar engineer will run a list of connectivity tests and record the serial number of each panel and each electronic component. The DNO will then be notified for conducting witness tests before your system officially goes live.

Witness test


Witness test is the final step before a solar system could go live. It is performed by the power distribution networks (formally known as DNO or Distribution Network Operator) to ensure that the local network can accept the electricity generated and continue to operate within the require legal limits.

Monitoring dashboard
After your solar system is connected, we will set up your system on Absolar's digital dashboard so you can view and monitor the performance of the solar system. It also provides an opportunity to showcase the renewable energy generation on a big screen for you and your visitors.

"Absolar are amazing partners - no nonsense, minimal bureaucracy, great analytics and fully deliver on their promise.”

Dr Stephen Rowe, Managing Director DEKRA UK

Recent projects

Office building | Flat roof

The PM House building is a two-floor office building with a floor roof. As an office building, most of the energy consumption occurs during business hours and could be offset by solar PV systems.

Multi-tenanted office building

Kenneth Dibben House (KDH) is situated in the University of Southampton Science Park and is a two-floor, 5,000 sq ft multi-tenanted property with a standing seam Kalzip roof. The property experiences high energy consumption during office hours due to the research labs and offices situated inside the building.

Manufacturing | Warehouse

ACES is a commercial compressor manufacturer specialising in industrial cooling, refrigeration, and heating appliances, located in Oxford. Their manufacturing facility is in a building with a trapezoidal roof and a weekday energy consumption profile from 8 am to 5 pm.

With a few clicks

Get a Remote Solar Survey. Simply enter the address of your building, an Absolar survey report will be sent to you within 2 working days.