Purpose driven to power the world with renewable energy

Helping you make sound solar decisions

Using our advanced technologies. we'll tell you the likely return on solar investment, expected CO2 and electricity bill savings, and whether or not your property is solar-suitable long before you choose whether to invest. Whether for one property, a portfolio or a city, Absolar's tools provide an unparalleled route to a renewable energy strategy.

Supporting you every step of the way

We’re made up of a team of solar data scientists, property experts, and installers, offering a supported route to renewable energy for property portfolios of any size, complete installation project management, and post-installation support, including ongoing optimisation to make sure you make the most savings and benefit from exporting unused power to the electricity market.

Using cutting-edge AI technologies

Using unique AI-based remote sensing and GIS technology, we’re able to carry out remote solar surveys for any building, portfolio, and city, wherever you are in the UK. We're helping more and more property owners, businesses, and Local Authorities to tap into their solar potential, cutting their bills and carbon emissions. Read more>>

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Our work supports the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

We are

Purpose driven

Our technology exists to help people and businesses reduce their energy costs whilst adopting renewable energy sources.​

At Absolar, we believe in giving equal opportunities to everyone and making sure there is no discrimination on any basis, including reducing fuel poverty by working with government authorities and others in the planning and development of sustainable cities.​

We are a spin-out from the University of Southampton and put into practice the Triple Helix approach of solving problems through collaboration with Industry, Local Government, and Academics.

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Get a Remote Solar Survey. Simply enter the address of your building, and an Absolar survey report will be sent to you within 2 working days.