British Data Award

We’re PropTech of the Year Winner at the British Data Awards 2021! We are on a mission to help decarbonise every property within the UK and beyond.

Switched on Solar

Free, independent and instant solar feasibility

Absolar is working together with Portsmouth City Council in launching the innovative SWITCHED ON SOLAR application. It helps Portsmouth residents access the suitability of their home for solar PV at the click of a button.

Sparking the next energy revolution

Creating a greener and more sustainable world with more renewable energy accessible by every household and organisation

Data & modelling

Our unique data and advanced modelling delivers powerful insights across solar radiation, potential energy efficiency measures and property attributes. ​ Our data originates from highly accurate 4D computer modelling, allowing instant remote sensing and scenario...

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Developed in co-operation with local government, industry and academia, our software facilitates carbon reduction for both individual consumers and property portfolios. Our Carbon Action Planning Tool (CAPT) provides detailed carbon emission reduction opportunities,...

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Our team of experienced energy, sustainability and real estate professionals undertake a range of consultancy projects for a variety of clients, helping them understand the current condition of properties, energy performance and populations together with presenting...

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Building portfolio

Detailed assessment of individual buildings at scale

Feasibility assessment

A wide range of emission-reduction interventions

Financial feasibility

Compare the cost effectiveness and business case of different action scenarios

Fully automatic

Assessing building structure & shape using LiDAR data & machine learning

High accuracy

Using high-resolution LiDAR data, predicting half-hourly power production

Financial modelling

Comparing energy demand with production, and various financial options

Technology used by

Our mission

Sparking the next energy revolution

Absolar helps organisations and households access renewable energy systems and become more energy efficient, creating a greener and more sustainable world. 


Originating from the University of Southampton and the Royal Academy of Engineering

Using AI and GIS technologies, Absolar is able to evaluate the feasibility of buildings in adopting solar panels at the highest accuracy.