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Start your solar development with the most suitable building. Absolar's digital platform presents results for each building so you can compare by cost, ROI, building type, location, and many more.

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Absolar Dashboard

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Absolar Dashboard presents your entire building portfolio, enabling you to rank buildings by installation costs, ROI, building size, or to filter buildings on an interactive map.

As your plans develop, so does the dashboard, becoming your hub for site documents, project management, performance tracking and on-going management, including surplus energy trading.


Action Planning

Utilising advanced satellite imaging and mapping technology to provide precise measurements and assessments of solar potential



Conduct comprehensive financial evaluations including Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Cashflow Projections


Platform for decision making

Presentable results widely shareable with stakeholders to aid decision making, from online reports to detailed PDF's


CO2 Saving Projections

Estimate the carbon reductions based on solar PV performance

Financial projections

Financial figures

for each building

Assessment results include installation cost estimates for each building in your portfolio, annual cost saving, payback period, and carbon saving.

"Absolar gave us a rundown of what they thought as a best way to go. They are tremendous, they are energetic, they are passionate about what they do, working with them was a great opportunity for both of us"

Stuart Perry, Operations Director, University of Southampton Science Park

Recent Projects

The science park was exploring a more environmentally-friendly way of working that positively impacts the environment and the businesses residing across the park.

Agility Eco sought to target low-income households across 18 Local Authorities who could benefit from Solar as part of the Local Authority Delivery scheme of the Green Homes Grant.

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