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DEKRA Organisational and Process Safety

Office | Research Laboratories

Southampton | Hampshire | South East England

At a glance

  • 131 kWp solar system  
  • 292 Solar panels  
  • Installed in September 2022  
  • Energy saving: 115,300 kWh/year  
  • CO2 saving: 29 Tonnes / year  
  • Custom branded energy dashboard 


Located in the University of Southampton Science Park, Phi house offers office and research laboratories to DEKRA. The building has a standing seam kalzip roof and has a very high energy consumption of c.1,000,000 kWh with peak energy demand occurring on weekdays between 9am and 5pm.


Energy saving: Given the property's exceptionally high energy consumption, 99% of the solar energy generated is consumed onsite during weekdays, fulfilling 12% of the annual energy demand through solar power.   

Payback: The payback period of the PV system is less than 3 years making it a highly suitable property for installing a PV system.  

Energy management: Absolar facilitated the implementation of export management, enabling our client to sell any unused energy generated by the PV system. Additionally, Absolar designed a customised live webpage that allowed our client to host the real time energy monitoring on their website

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