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Renewable Energy Management

A comprehensive service to find, deliver and manage solar potential

Absolar's Solar Audit is a comprehensive review of the business case for instaling solar to a property, including energy profile analysis, system design, funding opportunties, structural surveys and obtaining any permissions required for the project to go ahead.

While considering a solar installation, there are several areas to consider, including how much of the potential solar power you would typically use and obtaining permissions and clearances from a variety of parties, such as structural surveys and the National Grid.

Our experienced engineers carry out all these workstreams early on in the project, instead of the typical route which is to do so once you have obtained capital for investment and instructed an installer. Our team will design the system, request the necessary permissions and our structural surveyors conduct load tests to ensure the structural strength of your roof. Our data analysts analyse the solar production vs energy consumption data, carbon savings, cost of installation, and ROI to keep the decision-making processes as transparent as possible and ensure you get the optimum results. The final audit report includes available grant and funding options to give project finance options to our customers which we can assist in obtaining.  

Solar Audit helps to run the different stages of a typical solar project in parallel, reducing the overall project timeline and helps to find out if your property should have solar or not before committing to any investment, reducing risks for you.


Energy Profile

Our data analysts review the potential solar production vs energy consumption data and use our models to calculate optimum design, ROI, carbon savings, and cost savings.  

G99 Application

Our engineers at Absolar will create a solar system design and submit the G99 application to find out if you can connect the system to National Grid. 


Structural Survey

Our experienced and trusted team of engineers will run the necessary checks to find out if your roof is suitable for taking the weight of solar panels.


University of Southampton Science Park

A remote solar survey allowed the University of Southampton Science Park to plann its solar strategy. Absolar installed a 235kWp rooftop solar system which will save 50 tonnes of carbon emissions per year, together with further installations each year afterwards across the park.

Modern Building Exterior

Start your solar journey with a remote survey

A survey report is normally delivered within 48 hours
No commitment needed. Takes less than 1 minute to complete.
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