Start your solar journey with informed decisions

The average payback period for solar on commercial properties is less than 5 years. Use our remote survey technology to find out the solar potential for your building.

Get a Solar Survey

We use remote sensing and AI to assess buildings remotely, providing you with an one-page survey report, reviewed by accredited Solar PV Engineers. No commitment needed, and it takes less than 1 minute to fill out the form.

Helping make sound solar decisions

We assess buildings remotely using cutting-edge AI technologies and Solar PV expertise. This delivers fast results accurately, all without accessing your building.

Supporting every step of the installation

We’re a team of solar scientists, property experts and installers, offering a supported route to renewable energy for businesses of any size.

Using technologies to remove barriers

Whether it's our AI-based remote sensing and GIS technology, our live dashboard reporting of carbon saving to your customers, or our energy trading, we’re a step ahead.

"Absolar gave us a rundown of what they thought as a best way to go. They are tremendous, they are energetic, they are passionate about what they do, working with them was a great opportunity for both of us."

Stuart Perry, Operations Director

University of Southampton Science Park