We are purpose driven

We are a purpose driven spin-out from the University of Southampton's Energy and Climate Change Division. Our aim is to reduce carbon emissions throughout property, making homes and commercial spaces more energy efficient, reducing energy waste, carbon emissions and fuel costs. 

Our distinctive approach of combining energy and climate science with advanced technology and analysis allows us to undertake property assessments at scale, reducing the time and costs traditionally associated with portfolio assessments.

Though our unique technologies and providing remote solar surveys together with our solar support service, we are getting solar panels on roofs, homes insulated and heating systems upgrading. We encourage local markets to take action, create job opportunties and ensure that everyone pays a fair amount in the process. 

United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals
Our work supports the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.  

Our Team

Dr Phil Wu


With a PhD in renewable energy, Phil is a sustainable energy scientist and expert in renewable energy and smart cities. Phil leads Absolar and is responsbile for its spin-out from the University of Southampton.

Akash Yadav

Project Manager

With an MBA & MSc Project Management, Akash is responsible for the project management of internal and external projects for Absolar, ensuring positive customer experience.

Cameron Elliot

Data Scientist

Cameron has a degree in Electronic Engineering and works on data and computer vision challenges faced by Absolar to deliver high quality intelligence to customers.

Nic Cory


Nic is ex-PwC Deals and previously Finance Director of a £500m property investment fund. With an MBA, FCCA and MSc Real Estate, Nic leads the corporate side of Absolar.

Dian Kumanov

Software Developer

Currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in computer science, Dian works on software development and improvement projects in Absolar.

Joshua Sanchez Caraballo

Frontend Development

Josh is undertaking a degree in Software Engineering and assists Absolar with the development of Absolar's in-house software products, ensuring complex data is presented in a simple and useable manner

Christopher Coles

Technology Lead

As a Software Engineer & Architect combined with European energy trading sector experience, Chris leads on the technological developments within Absolar. 

Iván Durán Pérez

Computer Vision AI

Ivan specialises in Computer Vision and ensures Absolar's technology continues to develop in novel and unique ways, using the power of AI to assess properties remotely and at scale.

George-Catalin Muresan

Frontend Development

George is pursuing a PhD in Computer Science and specialises in Human Computer Interaction, helping Absolar ensure its data and designs have positive impact on customers and their objectives.

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