About us

About Us

Our work supports the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.  

Founded in 2020, Absolar is a University of Southampton spin out with the mission to address raising challenges about the climate crisis. Since its launch, Absolar has received a wide range of support including the Royal Academy of Engineering, Portsmouth City Council, Southampton City Council, and its original home – Sustainable Energy Research Group at the University of Southampton. This includes a seed funding from the Royal Academy of Engineering and a group of talents who share the same vision and determination to contribute to a more sustainable world. 

The continued success of University of Southampton applicants to the Academy’s prestigious Fellowship scheme provides further acknowledgement of our key position as a hub for UK innovation. World-class research and development here at Southampton drives economic growth and delivers positive benefits to society and our environment. Congratulations to Dr Wu on this remarkable achievement.

Professor Bashir Al-Hashimi

Dean, Faculty Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Southampton

Phil’s technology has the potential to contribute to building a greener society, which is so immensely valuable in the context of all we know about the climate emergency and embodies Future Worlds’ vision of helping university entrepreneurs to change the world with their ideas. It’s a pleasure to support Phil on his journey and this award will help to accelerate his already remarkable progress.

Ben Clark

Director, Future Worlds

We consider this fellowship to be a unique opportunity to make significant impact to the renewable energy market and to help local authorities better formulate energy-related policies not only in Southampton but also across the UK. We look forward to participating in what promises to be a very successful project. 

Jason Taylor

Energy Manager, Southampton City Council