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Enterprise Rd, Southampton Science Park, Southampton SO16 7NS

Multi-tenanted office building

Southampton | Hampshire | South East England


  • 235 kWp solar system

  • 522 Solar panels

  • Installed in April 2022

  • Energy saving: 200,000 kWh/year

  • CO2 saving: 50 Tonnes / year

  • Custom branded dashboard


Kenneth Dibben House (KDH) is situated in the University of Southampton Science Park and is a two-floor, 5,000 sq ft multi-tenanted property with a standing seam Kalzip roof. The property experiences high energy consumption during office hours due to the research labs and offices situated inside the building.


Absolar conducted a remote solar survey for the Science Park, which involved assessing the solar potential of 17 buildings on the campus. This assessment included determining the feasible installation size and expected cost savings. Among these buildings, KDH emerged as having the highest solar potential, with a quick payback period.

For this project Absolar used Tier-1 450W JA solar panels and two 100kW robust SMA inverters. The natural curved roof the property provides energy generation throughout the day and the business operating in the property take advantage of the morning as well as the evening sun.


  • Energy cost saving: After the first year of installation, when the energy production and consumption data were assessed, it was concluded that 76% of the building's energy requirements are fulfilled with the renewable solar energy produced.

  • Payback period: Due to the high self-consumption of the produced solar energy, the property has a short payback period of around 3 years.

  • Export management and energy monitoring: Absolar facilitated the implementation of export management, enabling our client to sell the unused energy generated by the PV system. Additionally, Absolar designed a customised dashboard that allows building occupants and our client to monitor real-time solar production.

Absolar gave us a rundown of what they thought as a best way to go. They are tremendous, they are energetic, they are passionate about what they do, working with them was a great opportunity for both of us."

Stuart Perry

Operations Director, University of Southampton Science Park

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