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Our aim is to help Local Authorities achieve their carbon neutrality goals by providing information about how different interventions can improve the energy performance ratings of different households.

Out of 398 Local Authorities in the U.K., more than 300 have declared a climate emergency. To achieve the U.K. Government's vision to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, Local Authorities are exploring sustainable energy alternatives.

To date, Absolar has worked with over 26 Local Authorities on different projects having a common aim to provide valuable information that can help Local Authorities plan a targeted approach for improving residential household EPC ratings, whether their social housing stock or private stock. 


Typical Services for local authorities:

1. Remote Solar Survey: The AI-based solar survey technology can work on an entire city and present valuable information including properties with existing solar, properties good for solar, carbon emissions and energy bills savings,

2. Carbon Action Planning: Our intelligent technology is not restricted to solar, it can also analyse the other interventions that can help to improve EPC ratings like external wall insulation, loft insulation, solar panels, etc.

3. Digital Outcomes: The valuable information from the survey results can be integrated into your systems and processes, through databases or published on Local Authority websites for open consumption by residents.

Switched on Portsmouth

Portsmouth City Council sought to understand the solar potential of the whole city, making the information available to residents in a unique way to help spark a solar revolution within the city.

Find out how Absolar can help

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Helping Local Authorities to achieve net zero.

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