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Advanced Compressor Engineering Services (Oxford)

Manufacturing | Warehouse

Oxford | Oxfordshire | South East England

At a glance

  • 38 kWp solar system
  • 68 Solar panels
  • Installed in January 2024  
  • Energy saving: 32,000 kWh/year  
  • CO2 saving: 8 Tonnes / year
  • Turnkey managed installation


ACES is a commercial compressor manufacturer specialising in industrial cooling, refrigeration, and heating appliances, located in Oxford. Their manufacturing facility is in a building with a trapezoidal roof and a weekday energy consumption profile from 8 am to 5 pm.


A significant portion, 38%, of the building's energy demand is met through solar energy generation, resulting in substantial energy savings.  

The PV system boasts a relatively short payback period of around 5 years, attributed to the high onsite consumption of solar energy.  

The installed PV system demonstrates remarkable on-site consumption, peaking at 93% on weekdays year-round, with minimal export occurring primarily only on weekends.

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