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Engineering Centre, Southampton Science Park

Office | Research Laboratories

Southampton | Hampshire | South East England

At a glance

  • 101 kWp solar system
  • 266 Solar panels
  • Installed in April 2023  
  • Energy saving: 930,000 kWh/year  
  • CO2 saving: 24 Tonnes / year  
  • Custom branded energy dashboard 


The Engineering Centre is a newly constructed property located in the University of Southampton Science Park which serves as a home for various innovative companies and innovation hub for University of Southampton.


Energy Saving: After the first year of installation, 31% of the property’s total demand is fulfilled by renewably generated solar energy.  

Payback: The payback period for the PV system is less than 5 years, due to the high percentage of onsite solar energy usage.  

Energy management and technology support: A customised dashboard at the building entrance allows occupants, users, and employees to monitor real-time energy production. Additionally, Absolar conducts annual cleaning and system checks to ensure maximum efficiency of the PV system.

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Stuart Perry

Operations Director

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