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South Coast Building Supplies (Andover)

Retail | Commercial

Andover | Hampshire | South East England

At a glance

  • 69 kWp solar system
  • 126 Solar panels
  • Installed in October 2023  
  • Energy saving: 68,300 kWh/year  
  • CO2 saving: 16 Tonnes / year  
  • Energy management including grid restriction negotiation


The Andover store of South Coast Building Supplies (SCBS) features a trapezoidal sheet roof with skylights. The store experiences regular customer footfall throughout the day with peak energy demand occurring on weekdays between 7:30 am and 5:30 pm.


Energy saving: The first-year annual production of the PV system is projected to be 63,000 kWh which will cover 65% of the annual energy demand of the property.  

Payback: 68% of the solar energy produced will be utilised onsite, shortening the payback period of the PV system to 4 years. The other 32% of the solar energy is sold back into the grid. Although handled by us at Absolar, any revenue made from this excess energy will go straight back to our client.

Project management: The project was managed by a dedicated project manager to ensure that no obstruction was caused to the day-to-day operations of the property and to the customers visiting the store.

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The business saw a saving of £1,700 in electricity costs at one branch in the first month the panels were installed, and now we're looking to fit panels in a third location.’’

Tim Payne

Managing Director

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