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Solar Survey


The first step in understanding the solar potential of any project

We find the solar potential of a building, a portfolio or a city using our unique AI-based technology. 

Using LiDAR, photogrammetry, satellite imagery, and our AI-powered irradiance modeling, our technology can survey areas of any scale. Every survey result is comprehensively reviewed by our experienced solar designers and engineers, to ensure accuracy and completeness.


Our AI tool identifies:​

  • Optimal rooftop area, including shading analysis​

  • Number of solar panels that can fit, clear of obstacles​

  • Installation costs, savings, export income, and payback​

This allows you to instantly see what solar could achieve towards energy savings and carbon emission reductions across your building, site, portfolio, or city.

Our Remote Solar Survey can be delivered for any building or portfolio in the form of a simple one-page summary, a spreadsheet or dataset, or an online portal open to the public to view results (see Switched on Solar). It links with other datasets to enable detailed understanding, including OrdnanceSurvey, Energy Performance Certificates, Census data, and lots of other valuable data sources. 

Know your potential

  • Instantly see what solar can achieve towards fuel savings and carbon emission reductions across your building, site, portfolio, or city

  • Provides your KPIs for planning and reporting,  including kWh generation potential, co2 offset, fuel costs savings, and capital expenditure

  • Avoid costly manual surveys, arranging site visits with occupants, and time-consuming project planning just to know what's possible

Know where to focus

  • Identify your plan of attack by easily filtering and ranking based on payback periods and the effectiveness of solar for every property


  • Better decision-making with data integrations, including EPC ratings, location clustering, off-gas grid, census data, and more

  • Know what's been acheived already and avoid wasted effort as buildings already fitted with solar are identified and flagged

Know what to expect

  • Match your generation to demand by understanding the half-hourly generation across the year, including shading of obstacles and the environment

  • Achieve optimal sized installations through our demand vs generation analysis giving realistic fuel bill savings and export potential 

  • Budget effectively with up-to-date market statistics including expected installation costs, energy bill savings, and grid offsets, now and in the future

Portsmouth City Council

Absolar conducted a city-wide solar potential survey, identifying the solar potential of every building, specifying system size, installation cost, and likely savings. This was deployed in a custom-built web application by Absolar's in-house software engineers to allow any Portsmouth resident to instantly see their solar potential and connect with local approved installers.

Royal Air Force

Absolar conducted a remote solar survey for Rooftop, Ground Mount, and Carport solar across 5 of its sites, surveying over 1,800 buildings to identify where to focus more resources in further planning. We identified 266 buildings suitable for solar, 11 sites for deploying ground mount solar panel installation, and 54 carports for deploying solar carports. 


Find out how Absolar can help

Find out if a remote solar survey can quickly give you the answers you need by getting in touch.

Modern Building Exterior

Start your solar journey with a remote survey

A survey report is normally delivered within 48 hours
No commitment needed. Takes less than 1 minute to complete.
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