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Commercial Landlords

Identify opportunities and business cases across a whole portfolio

We help Commercial Landlords understand whether solar is suitable across their portfolio and offer recurring income streams generated from installations. 

Using our AI-based technology, we can survey entire portfolios to identify solar potential and prepare summary business cases, enabling data-based decision-making, quickly. Our Solar Audits go one step further and compare energy consumption profiles at the individual properties to provide you with a detailed understanding of how an optimum solar installation can reduce energy costs and carbon emissions for building occupiers.

Unique to Absolar, we provide our own Power Purchase Agreements for those businesses who don't want to spend the upfront capital on a solar installation, instead, you only pay for the electricity consumed from the solar panels at a rate guaranteed to be below the cost of purchasing energy of the grid. Reduced energy bills and reduced carbon emissions with no upfront costs. 

Suits organisations that:

  • Own their roof, or have a right to install solar panels

  • Want to protect themselves against rising energy prices

  • Want to meet net-zero obligations and enhance their sustainability credentials

  • Do not have immediate access to capital budgets

To find out more, get in touch with one of the Absolar team.

1. Remote Solar Survey to quickly establish the solar potential across a portfolio

Solar Audit to prepare a full business case, identify funding opportunities and get all the permissions required.

Solar Installation, once the Solar Audit is complete, we deliver competitive installations without disruption to your business.

4. Unique funding structures that provide continuous income streams to the Landlord from energy generated on the rooftops.

Typical services we provide to businesses

University of Southampton Science Park

We helped the University of Southampton Science Park understand its existing energy consumption and its solar potential, selecting, designing, and installing a solar system with a payback of fewer than 4 years.

Find out how Absolar can help

Simply get in contact with us to find out more and see if we can help deliver your solar potential

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