Carbon Action Planning Tool

State-of-the-Art computer software tailored for local authorities. It is geared to identify buildings within authority where CO2 can be reduced.

It is currently used by multiple local authorities in the UK for emission intervention planning. The software integrates financial and CO2 analysis, reporting at property and portfolio level.

Technology used by

Key functions

Building portfolio

Search and filter functions to easily identify specific builidng groups and create portfolios.

Feasibility analysis

Produces feasibility analysis for each individual building, including emission reduction and financial assessment.

Interactive dashboard

Presents emission reduction of complex action plans.

Technical innovation

AI powered building simulation

  • Detailed simulation of individual building elements
  • Energy efficiency assessment with proposal for improvements
  • Suitable interventions include building refurbishment and renewable energy deployment

Remote sensing for city analysis

  • 3-D roof structure analysis
  • Identification of suitable roof space areas for solar panel installation
  • Integrated with multi-layer financial model

Multi-layer big data analysis

  • Creation of building portfolios
  • Assessment of socio-economic implications and fuel poverty
  • Long-term CO2 projections

Who we can help

Over 2000 cities around the world have declared climate emergency. CAPT is the ideal tool to help you develop a cost-effective action plan.