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Absolar Launch Remote Solar Survey Pilot with NatWest to Support Businesses and Rising Energy Costs

We are delighted to announce that in collaboration with NatWest Group, Absolar will be embarking on an exciting new pilot scheme designed to help businesses take control of rising energy costs and their carbon footprint.

Over the coming 8 weeks all SMEs, subject to eligibility, will be able to access Absolar’s unique Remote Solar Survey service and personalised solar assessments.

A turning point in solar energy planning

Before now, it’s been tricky for businesses to truly understand whether investing in solar will really pay off.

‘Will solar panels really help us to cut costs?’; ‘How much energy will solar save?’ and ‘Will installing solar panels provide a good return on investment?’. These are just some of the questions businesses seeking results-led energy and cost-saving solutions are quite rightfully asking.

Absolar has made an all-important turning point in solar energy planning. We offer a solution that addresses these questions head-on.

And, thanks to NatWest Group, during this 8-week pilot, businesses can access Absolar’s Remote Solar Survey to answer these common, yet important questions, without having to incur upfront cost.

The pilot provides businesses with an exclusive opportunity to lift the lid on how solar energy could support their energy management and planning goals.

So what can be expected from a Remote Solar Survey?

The Remote Solar Survey is a state-of-the-art, AI-powered solar energy assessment and planning toolkit providing businesses with a highly accurate and thorough indication of what their solar potential looks like. It’s like a virtual tour of your roof that shows you exactly how much solar energy you could generate and what that means for you.

It delivers the full picture, extracting and presenting vital data businesses need to make informed and sound decisions about whether solar energy is the right move for them. Absolar’s unique technology can survey rooftops of any scale and any area across the UK.

Users can now see their building’s or property portfolio’s solar potential like never before.

The survey uncovers clear carbon and cost-saving impacts using the kWh generation potential. Through the online and PDF report, businesses can also access an indicative cost of solar installation for their building or property portfolio using up to date material and labour costs. This provides a benchmark to assess investment options and identify any funding requirements.

Simon Finch, Relationship Director and Technology Lead for NatWest Solent Corporate, commented:

‘It’s great to see this pilot collaborating with Absolar go live. We’ve been watching for some time and with great interest what they have been doing, and we really like the simplicity they bring to assessing Solar PV potential.

NatWest Group is committed to supporting UK businesses decarbonise their operations. This, along with the recently launched free Carbon Planner tool, are great examples of practical support we’re providing. This pilot also comes at a critical time for businesses grappling with increased energy costs.’

A solar planning tool kit

In addition to all-important AI-generated data, via the online report businesses can also connect to a list of approved installers most suited to the needs of their prospective installation.

Alternatively, users are given the option to engage Absolar’s turnkey solution, which sees us managing the entire design, procurement and installation process from start to finish.

Aided by MSC-accredited and experienced Solar Engineers and consultants who are on hand to deliver bespoke and trusted advice, Absolar empowers businesses to find the most effective route to solar based on their needs.

And, the journey to solar doesn’t just stop after installation. Absolar is dedicated to supporting businesses to yield the best from their PV panels now and in the future. Once the installation is complete, we also provide optimisation services, which include ensuring that businesses with solar panels are receiving revenue from surplus electricity exported back to the grid.

How to access a free Remote Solar Survey

The pilot scheme launches on Wednesday 12th April and will be active for 8 weeks. During this time, businesses can access a free Remote Solar Survey.

If you’re interested in finding your business’ solar potential, all you need to do is complete a short online form. From there, Absolar’s technology will do the rest.

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Click here to find out how Absolar can find your solar potential, whether for a building, a portfolio or a city.

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